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Write-In Comments From the
2009 POA Survey of Residents

The Fifth POA Survey of Residents was completed earlier in 2009 and reported on in the June and July, 2009, issues of the Bulletin. We were almost overwhelmed by quantity of the write-in comments. But, we typed them all up and present below a listing of these comments. Because of the long listing, we decided to break up the comments into a total of six parts. You can click on the part you wish to read at one time and then come back at another time to read other parts. Happy reading!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Part 1

Part 1 Section 1

  • The Villages is a great place that I love and choose to stay in. No need for changes.
  • Security at entrance gates is a joke!!
  • Please update TV station-women reporters can't talk or act. Can't they tape more entertainment and show on TV? i.e., veteran programs, music at church, programs on squares, art shows, etc.
  • Resident for 15½ years. First 5 years get an all around rating of 9½.
  • Lack of in depth national news coverage and lack of objectivity and balance, especially in the selection of columnists is egregious.
  • Big business like "Freedom Point" is bad!
  • Lack of objectivity of Villages newspaper.
  • Need entertainment center state of the art. Paint golf cart bridge on historic side. I called Daily Sun 3 times and left messages. No one returned my calls re: coverage of inauguration day at La Hacienda Restaurant. Reporters were there and interviewed people. Not write-up.
  • Thank God we have an organization like the POA. The VHA and Daily Sun whitewash everything so much that an objective viewpoint like the POA is crucial.
  • We need a guard at every gate so we know who is coming into our neighborhood and all visitors and contractors have to sign in and out. Do away with neighborhood watch and make them gate guards. Check car speeds, not golf carts. Put restrictions on rental properties and renters and the upkeep of the property.

  • Too many non-Villagers use Buena Vista and El Camino Real as shortcuts from 42 to 466 and from 441 to 466.
  • Traffic roundabouts should be only one lane around the circles for safety. Then there is no guessing game of what the other lane of traffic is going to do if there is no other lane. Mark the lane to the left with yellow stripes only for emergency vehicles.
  • Fox News via radio is neither fair nor balanced. Fox should be replaced ASAP. Suggest a PBS type news report.
  • Concerning the winter's availability of the executive golf courses: I think that it is unfair for the Village Program to give free tee time to those who are here for one week on vacation and taking our tee times.
  • POA has given us impression of a very "negative" force. Lately modified tone of this issue much improved. Appreciated skinny on wellness pool (covered up by all others.)
  • (Village TV Station) Too many weather maps that most don't understand taking time to get to those most do understand.
  • (Radio station) Type of music being played is changing drastically from oldies but goodies to present day rock, rap, etc.
  • (Customer Service Center) Where is this?
  • (Amenity fee) Increase only every three years would be better.
  • (Radar) If financially possible $$ from tickets could be used to pay for cost of radar!

Part 1 Section 2

  • We arrive here when there were around 35,000 in population and loved it. Now with 75,000 and counting it is far too large but trying to sell we were undercut by the Villages Rep's. We had our Villa for sale the winter of 06 and 07 and were shocked when neighbors said lots of luck because the Villages was back logged at that time and they knew of incidents where people bought a new one cheaper then what a resale was going for. One was a ranch style cheaper then what they were selling their furnished villa for. I recall the Rep saying you have a nice place but we have lots of others to look at. The above was also mentioned by a beauty operator who said she had customers that said yes they could buy a new one cheaper than a reused one, so its logic that you will go for the new one. I don't know if sales are still being done that way but if they are it isn't fair but we know thanks to the POA that the Developer is not always fair. Due to illness now it's too late for us. I know this is an issue that the POA can't do anything about so I am just sounding off and think it is great that the Property Owners have a voice and are not controlled by the owners that slant everything their way. Yes, the Villages is a great place but there are drawbacks and the above is one of them as well as others that you have pointed out. Thank you for listening ...
  • We strongly feel that residents should have control of decision making in our community. As UK citizens, we are not allowed to stay more than 6 months but have to pay approximately $1500 extra in taxes each more than other residents because we cannot claim Homestead exemption.
  • Covenants and restrictions are arbitrary and inconsistent-inconsequential things are enforced while issues of consequence are ignored.
  • We enjoy living in the Villages and the friendly and smiling people here. We have everything we'd want here. Some negatives but more positives. Snowbirds and guests seem to receive priority over residents. Priority should be half price for singles.

  • Are illegal immigrants working for the VCCDD? Has the developer misused our tax free facilities to promote his business? How will the IRS investigation affect our amenities?
  • Why are there NON residents in Katie Belles day after day-private club for residents only?? The seating is horrible at Savannah. We need a theater-a real theater for shows. (Entertainment programs) Maybe there are 5 good groups. Where are the police five months out of the year that we pay our taxes for. Never see them. It's horrendous. (Gates) What a joke that is I thought I was moving to a gated community. We need more policing and security. (Community Watch) We need more policing and security. (Trash) Let the prisoners work for their stay. Why-it was good before-why pay now! Amazing how we good hooked into that without even a warning. (Villages TV) It's only getting worse. (VCCDD District Manager) I called and left three messages. She never called back. Don't play. (Cleanliness) Dogs all over the place-5 ft. leash law. Who is monitoring that and dog stuff all over our postal stations. (Amenity Fee) Where is our money really going? (Charter Schools) No children of mine go there. (Radar to ticket golf carts exceeding 20 mph) This is really important. (Resident control of decision making) "No way." Too, too many different odd opinions.
  • (Recycling) Should be free of charge and bins should be provided. (Guest passes adjacent counties) Not allowed. (VCCDD District Manager) Too much developer. (Tee time system) Renters should not be the same as residents. (Common palm areas) Forget new flowers. (Resident control) We should have more. (Renter) Get them out. Residents should have more say.
  • Keep up your good work. Renters should not get same golf privileges-they should pay same as guest.
  • Golf cart paths north of 466 are a must to be widened. Also one lane circles are a must.

Part 1 Section 3

  • No one seems to care about electric rate increase and the tax of building a nuclear plant for a private company. Plus, they are over charging basic electricity and fuel.
  • Like most of what the POA has accomplished and even-handed approach to resolving issues.
  • No "brand name" popular entertainers. All are unknowns and imitate stars. Need one large auditorium. TV station has terrible female personalities (amateurs). Radio station doesn't advise cancellations enough. Should be a top priority. More entertainers. Don't we have enough clout? To attract, i.e., Geo. Jones, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gale, Kenny Rogers, etc., etc. Widen golf cart lanes.
  • Trail fees should be part of cart rental and not a separate charge. So much for free golf. Another example of more fees.
  • Keep up the good work. Not happy with increase in cost for access to the tee time system.
  • Would like to see irons only golf practice area return to area next to archery practice area where it used to be.
  • This is a difficult survey to respond to. My main comment is that the Morses really screwed up in allowing poor work to be done in The Villages.
  • Entertainment could be better-60's, 70's and 80's music. Championship Golf program too expensive-residents should get bigger discount. Newspaper slanted Republican-does not report all news fairly. Emergency room (stroke care) needs to be greatly improved. We had a bad experience and demanded to be transferred to another hospital (thank God!)
  • My number #1 concern is the stupid traffic circle drivers and planners who insist on making right turns from the left (inside) lane. This is chaotic and idiotic life threatening.
  • Keep after the recycle program. Good work.
  • They took the pool at the wellness center, so now we don't have any for Rehab. Thanks you.

  • Bathrooms at both cinemas need better cleaning (urine smells). La Hacienda Center-Large room needs some fresh paint and new blinds. New Year's Eve should have entertainment till 12:30 am. No tables inside gazebo or pavilion areas-chairs only.
  • We are unaware of the VHA activities.
  • Ms. Janet Tutt and Mr. Rohan have to stop all the wrong doing in the VCCDD. Mr. Kemp and Jack Hoban lie and swear. A lot of discrimination goes on in the VCCDD.
  • Stop speeding golf cars and speeding on main roads in The Villages.
  • Special concerns: Music on square and Katie Belles is the same and not very good for the most part. Lack of interest in residents surveys.
  • Thanks for "all you do." Thanks to the President of the POA. He's great! The "litter" problem throughout the community is getting worse every month.
  • (Resident Control) We need resident control. We need a town independent of Morse family with complete disclosure. Also need an indoor pool and our wonderful buffalo. Water pressure in some new homes is very low. This is why I'm still renting.
  • We are in the process of purchasing. We hope that as the Villages grow, the amenities will meet the demand. We joined the wellness center for the indoor pool and whirlpool and are disappointed they will be discontinued-would be nice to have bus service. Also more indoor dance places like Katie Bells.
  • Very disappointed in the quality of construction of our home. We thank you for all you do to bring inadequacies to the forefront and assistance and guidance to repair.
  • Security signs (like ADT) should be permitted. We need a police presence to deter crime.

Part 1 Section 4

  • It is a shame in a small community this size with all the recreation centers around that an owner has to pay $50 to walk out or use a bike or tread mill. Too much is given to renters. They should have to pay a minimum of $8 per 9 holes of golf. This is supposed to be a retirement community not a rental destination. We think the POA is doing an excellent job representing the Village homeowners. You keep us well informed on many issues we might never hear about but are vital. We are only part-time residents for about 6 months a year. I'm not sure how accurate my memory is, but I was curious as to how many times on the Tuesday of your meeting that Rocky and The Rollers are playing at one of the squares. Since they are the biggest draw in the entertainment if it happens a lot, could it be planned? I know this meeting in February they were playing and I was thinking they did last month. As I said since we aren't full time, maybe I am incorrect.
  • Traffic circles are an accident waiting to happen. Recycling is a joke. Developer = joke/greed. Palms should be trimmed. Period. Use by charter school. No problem if they pay for usage.

  • (Villages Regional Hospital) It's awful. (Emergency Room) 7 to 9 hour wait. Emergency Medical Systems are fantastic. An indoor shopping mall with an upscale anchor department store (Saks, Neimans, etc.) would be a great asset. People who live in 800k homes don't buy clothes at WalMart or Bealls.
  • Why aren't the 55 rules enforced? We see more young (under 55) people residing in homes here-at least on the east side.
  • I think there is a huge need for affordable or free fitness centers and indoor pools for adult communities. Most 55+ communities have these amenities included in cost of their lower monthly fees, e.g., Oak Run (Ocala), Spruce Creek, Stone, Lakeside Landing, Errol Estates, Apopka.
  • There are good and not good (to be expected). The TV station is awful which I have reported many times, nothing gets done as in many cases of low marks. Yes, we have we have complaints but it is a paradise. A lovely, well thought out place to live. A bit expensive.

End of Part 1

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Part 2

Part 2 Section 1

  • Golf fees for a single person are unfair. A couple with two carts paid $185 more than a single person and one cart.
  • Would like to see a golf cart path map.
  • The Villages is not Utopia. However, it is the next best thing in spite of some deficiencies.
  • POA and VHA are self interest groups. Please leave my driveway and neighborhood free of unsolicited newspapers.
  • POA Newsletter is very entertaining. Like the way you beat a dead horse for years.
  • (Emergency Room) Won't go there again. Love the POA Paper.
  • We need a Theater Center. Savannah just not big enough nor is it comfortable.
  • This is the best place in the U.S. to enjoy retirement. The Morse's have done an outstanding job and deserve Thanks as well as Praise.
  • (Community Watch Services) They don't enforce the codes. (Villages Radio Station) Boring. (Charter Schools) Should not be allowed. My biggest gripes: (a) Covenants are not enforced. Tacky lawn ornaments are showing up in my neighborhood-my neighbor is allowed to grow weeds taller than I am and to park in the street. Also-age restrictions are not enforced. (b) Even renters get to play golf every day while those of us with low points (full-time residents) are shut out. (c) We are lied to about many things when we are looking at the Villages and houses. The Morses are champion spin doctors.
  • Access to community resident Villages is too easy. Anyone can enter without guards at all stations. Championship golf fees are for permanent residents within "The Villages" should be reduced. Need 24x7 non hospital urgent care facilities in both town square areas. Lower movie ticket prices to $5 for Villages resident homeowners.

  • Poor attitude in general when warranty runs out. Lack of concern for residents.
  • Anything created by man (or woman) can be nitpicked, but I love the Villages & Central Florida.
  • A pickle ball court is needed on west side near Paradise Recreation Center.
  • (Recycling) Instead of buying bags-recycle bin for cans would be better. (Daily Sun) Republican bias. (Decision making) We should have more input than we currently have. I would also be nice to encourage a breakfast style chain restaurant on 42 near the new VA clinic for northern end of the Villages residents.
  • We keep getting kicked out of the golf system when snowbirds are here. We want the pool at Summerhill to raise the water heater because a lot of seniors have arthritis and need to exercise.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Too much "green area" is being developed-not enough open spaces.
  • Dismantle the Gate System. Visitors get in quicker than residents!
  • Thanks for the survey.
  • Someone needs to clean junk on 466. It looks awful to see plastic cups etc. littering our lovely area.
  • (Urgent Care) Need a 24 hour. The ER used to be a 0, but they made improvements & are now a 10. They went from an 8 hour wait to in and out in less than an hour.
  • We love the Villages.
  • Savannah brings in C list acts at best. Also town squares' performances have really gone downhill. Poor selection. Salespeople mislead us on a lot of things so did builder.

Part 2 Section 2

  • This survey could be constructed differently to be more effective. Now in 10th year here and I am still confused by the operation of the Tee Time System. We want to play Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. No problem except mid-January to late March period. When do they make the tee assignments? Where do renters and sales prospects rate with regard to homeowners? How are points assessed? Certainly playing three days a week we could not total points to make it a factor.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • (Security) No gated community. (Traffic) Excessive in winter months. It is now a vacation resort not retirement. (Construction quality) Should be 100% block construction. (Security at Gates) Does not exist. (Community Watch) Good concept if one uses position to exercise authority. (Recycling) We should not pay-for we do not receive profit. (Urgent care). Never used but heard very positive. (Guest passes) Totally wrong. (TV station) Great concept-too much repetition. (AAC) Too soon to know. (Executive and Championship Golf programs, Golf Tee Time System) Renters should not have same privileges as owners. Encourages new purchasing and thus becomes a resort. (Developer of Villages) Concept excellent, too much greed. Little given back to people. (Use of facilities by Charter School) Increase use by students denying residents.
  • The use of Executive Golf Courses by renters, friends/employees of the developer and Lifestyle participants is placing a heavy and unfair burden on Executive Courses especially on the south side. There people should be using the Championship Courses.

  • (Traffic) Jan., Feb., and March-1,000 renters is too many. (Security) Get rid of all gates! A pain. Worthless. (Community Watch) Worthless. Get rid of them all. (Recycling) We know it is all pumped in the landfill! (POA) Much improved. (a) Do we residents have control? (b) We must start economizing and stop wasteful spending.
  • I do not appreciate the public political posturing of Gary Morse. The Daily Sun stinks.
  • We need an indoor pool 100% for residents who cannot be in the sun and for health reasons. (Arthritis, handicap)
  • Thanks for the survey.
  • Too many dogs allowed everywhere. Owners try to convince us that we are all Republicans. Plans for our Villages remain secret until they have to reveal them. I look forward to Morses and Parrs leaving. Golf cart fees should be for two people in that cart. A visiting son shouldn't pay $3.50 to ride with Dad. Greedy.
  • We need to have an indoor pool for those who cannot use outdoor pools in the winter because of the cold. Those with arthritis and Reynaud's need warm air and water for exercise in water which is doctor prescribed.
  • (a) Why can't Brighthouse come to Villages? (b) Stealing of Golf Carts which owners are parked to go shopping or to movies. Where are Community Watch service vehicles? (c) Recreation Center supervisors. Where are they during duty hours?
  • The Villages started out to be middle class retirement place. It has turned out to be for the rich. I am a widow on less than half of the income when my husband was alive. I have no money for pleasures at The Villages prices, e.g., college courses, the Wellness Center.

Part 2 Section 3

  • I am a new resident here in The Villages. My concern right now is the easy way people can drive through with no one checking who they are. And how poorly some homes are kept. Junk in front of homes, etc.
  • As homeowners here for 15 years we've seen many good improvements particularly in restaurants and quality shops but the high traffic use on Morse Blvd. needs a solution.
  • Good subjects addressed on the survey. Thanks for keeping people informed on issues that show we do not live in a Utopia. It's a nice place, but it is not perfect.
  • Those coming through our "gated community" gates should have to sign in and out-with car license number, name of company, etc. Gated? That's misleading.
  • No allowing dogs to poop on common ground like postal stations and resident properties. Make roundabouts one lane.
  • Fees are getting out of hand.

  • Why not red post where golf carts are not permitted.
  • The POA is doing an outstanding job. The Villages is a great place to leave, however many changes are needed to improve safety and our pocket books.
  • I am a resident of 18 years. Now I long for the good old days when H. Schwartz ran the show. He really gave his all for the good of the residents. I am a WWII and Korean War Veteran who is willing to fight for what is right and condemn what is wrong. May God bless your continue efforts.
  • Good Grief!! Why don't you people move?? Spend your time volunteering or find a worthwhile project.
  • Developers are interested in one thing-"making $$." When some sales slump, they build cheaper homes, thus attracting less quality people.
  • Tunnels and golf cart paths north of 466 are poor.
  • You need to address need for new true performing arts center. Savannah uncomfortable, technically lacking. Are high rentals for commercial properties plus or minus to the community.
  • We've enjoyed your objective views about our hometown.

Part 2 Section 4

  • One of the big issues I see with the Villages is the size. When a project this big, it's difficult to get your arms around it and provide the required amenities for all. When I moved here almost four years ago, I thought I was moving to a place where my needs as I aged would be met. Wrong. Not only are the developers more interested in more lucrative ventures, I will more than likely have to travel distances to get the care I'll need and, being alone, transportation to that care will not be likely nor provided. It's a beautiful place to live and play if you're healthy, but Heaven help you if you're not. I think we've been lucky here in The Villages that there hasn't been more crime. Anyone can enter the "gates" at any time and I've actually watched the "gate keepers" wave traffic through. So much for security in what was advertised as a "gate community." Because of its size, motor traffic is horrendous, particularly when the snowbirds come back to roost. Which most common areas are clean and well-kept, love bug remnants from two years ago remained in the cubbies at La Hacienda Pool area until just recently. Not a place you want to store your towel or cover up. Not having used the hospital since four years ago, I will say that at the time, I waited in the emergency room to be seen for almost 7 hours. I've found the traffic roundabouts to be fairly easy to navigate, except where local traffic uses them as cut-throughs (i.e., Morse Blvd. from Hwy 441 to Hwy 446). Trash recycling fees should NOT BE CHARGED to those who cannot or will not use it. In these tight times for everyone, trash pickup ONLY ONE DAY/WEEK might be considered, and residents' fees lowered accordingly. By all means, NO ONE should be charged for a service he doesn't use. There needs to be an "urgent care" facility in the Spanish Springs area. The Daily Sun Newspaper is a biased piece reporting very little of even yesterday's news amid the pages and pages of ads, with a format that cries out for change. The TV station's new form of presentation also begs for change, both in content and in the persons presenting the "news." Has all this anything to do with the declining economy? I do not believe that "guest passes" should be issued to ANYONE except guest of Village residents, those passes for as specified length of time (say, one week), with the possibility of renewal for the same or lesser length of time. NO "outsider should be given a guest pass for an undetermined amount of time.

The POA, in general, proves a good and necessary service through the Newsletter. It serves as a balance to "The Voice." I have never received so much as an acknowledgment of the many letters I've written Janet Tutt, one being about the recycling issue, which I oppose. On the one occasion I contacted John Rohan's office right after moving here and without knowing who he was, his office was helpful. More matinees in the winter months at the Savannah Center would be helpful to those with night blindness. The current developers do exactly what they want, when they want, and have the staff to prove it. It's a shame they can't be more inspired by original developer, Harold Schwartz, who, I understand, was very much a "people person." The monthly amenity fee is reasonable but doesn't begin to cover what I thought I was getting for it from the brochure that brought me here. The way things go, more growth will mean more use of the limited Villages' facilities, and that includes pools. Those facilities should not be available to charter schools or anyone else at the expense of those who live here and pay the amenity fees. Classes now in these pools are very often over crowded. I do praise the person whose thought it was to build the middle and high schools and then offer classes to seniors at a cost to help defray expenses of the schools. That person might have thought one step further and realized that swimming might be a school activity and provided a pool for the same. There is a DRASTIC need for AT LEAST ONE indoor, all-weather swimming pool, aside from one that would be used strictly for therapeutic reasons. That way, everyone could be accommodated, including those who can't feel refreshed or feel like swimming in bath-water temperatures. "Street Legal" and gas or gas/electric carts should be rendered ILLEGAL in the Villages. Street-legals and gas-operated carts use our paths going at dangerous speeds and the fumes if you're behind them are choking. GETTING THESE VEHICLES OFF THE PATHS SHOULD BE A TOP PRIORITY OF BOTH POA AND VHA! I don't feel I have ANY control over decision making in our community. You have provided through this survey a way to air my feelings, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so. THANK YOU! P.S. BUT OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE-I would like to see the gates closed to ALL lawn services until 9:00 AM-every day. (If the heat of the day bothers these people, then they're in the wrong business. That infernal noise daily, couple with two days of trash pickup early morning, is an insult t those of us who have earned the right to "sleep in" or sip our morning coffee leisurely.

End of Part 2

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Part 3

Part 3 Section 1

  • Performing Arts Center is needed
  • Drunk driving in golf carts and cars in the Town Squares around The Villages. Police not trying to stop situation-Very dangerous high speed golf carts-Kids driving golf carts
  • Make information regarding tax discounts and money savings for Sr. Citizens should be included in Daily Sun News and radio 640.
  • Would like a miniature golf facility for people not able to play regular golf and it would be something for visiting grandchildren to participate in.
  • We're pretty much satisfied w/living here. Our biggest complaint is the need for traffic control issues to be resolved and widening of various golf cart paths to park Sumter after Morse Tunnel.
  • I have no idea how anyone knows how/who/why govern all of the Villages. Security was why I bought here that is really a joke.
  • Because of my age and disabilities I do not use many of the available amenities and do not feel qualified to answer.
  • Objectivity of Daily Sun reporting appears in every survey-nothing ever is done about the continued lack of objectivity.
  • What about the extra charges for water-Who's pocketing these-Morse Blvd@San Marino traffic circles too small-Go to one lane
  • The Daily Sun Newspaper publishes a newspaper that is so biased it is almost comical.
  • Report on IRS/Bond tax exposure fight going on now. Homeowner's exposure to taxation if Vlgs loses. Get coverage law for trash loads in Vlgs. Everything falls off trailers.
  • My amenities fee is very high in comparison to others. I have no idea why or how it's calculated. It would be good to have some kind of guide lines so I know why it is what it is.
  • The effort that you put into the POA is greatly appreciated, you have my support. Thank you.

  • Thanks for your time and effort so that we may be better informed about issues. That effect us on a daily basis.
  • University of Florida-Shands relationship with Villages Hospital a possibility?
  • I belonged to Wellness Center to use indoor pool. I am allergic to sun. Have had several skin cancer operations the indoor pool is essential to my life style.
  • Please address the too-wide walkway on the bridges and too narrow cart lanes on same and everyone being required to watch a 5 minute video before renting/buying a golf cart.
  • It's too cold, so start music earlier and close earlier. Why have manned gates anyone can get in. Watch Service: Do they do much for us or the villages? Trash recycling program needs improvement. Hacienda Catering Service: Very bad food. No one should turn from inside lane should move over if they want to turn or drive around again, Need a park for families and children sad to see diving board gone.
  • Why are residents complaining about rules they knew when they bought their homes. I love our community and if others don't like it, too bad !!!
  • Traffic signal @466 and Morse Blvd One lane for thru traffic backs up past gate and circle which is ridiculous. Return to two thru lanes and add a right turn lane or extend left turn lane.
  • Keep up the good information
  • Overall very happy here in The Villages.
  • No dogs in the town squares or mail stations please. Golf carts going too fast, This is retirement not a race track.
  • We laud the POA for your service to The Villages. We want resident government and a less "private" developer. The Villages fantastic let's tweak what wrong and make it perfect. We want mailboxes in the driveways.

Part 3 Section 2

  • The Villages TV channels should be on Dish or be a local channel
  • We are happy living in The Villages but scared too. Especially after the story in Orlando Sentinel Re: IRS/Bonds,
  • We love living in The Villages. The developer built a wonderful place to live and those that don't like it should move.
  • Wellness Center more centrally located in The Villages.
  • Our experience with V.R.Hospital thru emergency by ambulance was great. We could not have asked for better care.
  • I strongly feel the buffalo should return.
  • I feel the developer knew all along that they were going to move the Buffalo on Stillwater. They are just greedy. Adding all those rentals to line their pockets – Shame on them
  • The security gates are a joke. Neighbors-Community watch are a waste! If you go north on vacation. The worst you can do is have the neighbors watch your house your neighbors can a better job.
  • Do not like or appreciate door to door contractors infiltrating residential areas.
  • Traffic is esp backed when the snow birds are here. They should have to attend a class on how to stay in the rt lane when not doing the speed limit. And also that is a YIELD sign at all circles not a stop sign. The TV station is boring the same news over and over with everything that goes on in the villages. You would think you had enough to cover ½-¾ of a day. You have a new gal who's voice turns me off so I don't watch her.
  • Please do something about the roundabouts. They do not work. Please no carts on the same street with 5000lb missile (car).
  • Increase Daily prices of D/Sun to help underwrite more informative columnists than Ann Coulter and list of suggestion: George Will -- Being snow birds the villages regimented living is trying
  • Can't say much about the place. Would like to move.

  • I don't like negativism. You find what you look for. Nothing is perfect. This has been better than any other community that we have moved into. Lets not nitpick and use instead energy to make improvements.
  • Amenity fee is justifiable BUT we need more to transparency. Roundabouts are great traffic handlers, far superior to traffic lights-need more. In favor of MUCH more resident control- feel we have too little.
  • We are currently renting but are in the process of building a home in Amelia. Back in January when we were arranging final details of our home in the sales office we indicated that we wanted the home to be pre-wired for an alarm system. Either the builder could arrange for his electrician to do this and we would pay for it or ADT would wire it prior to the dry wall being hung. We were told that there was no need for an alarm and that The Villages is the safest place in the world to live. Everyone appeared to be insulted that we would even suggest needing an alarm. Se were told "No" to both alternatives. If we wanted an alarm system would could add it after construction was completed which will cost us 3 times as much as pre-wiring. We would like to suggest that the POA discuss with the builder a "package" which would include alarm wiring. It's too late for us but perhaps future home owners would be able to protect their homes at a more reasonable cost. Since home security will be discussed at the next meeti
  • ng we thought this would be appropriate time to bring up this subject. Thank you.
  • Gates are too easy. Morse N of 466 needs repair and new circle at Rio Grande. No special bags for recycling – double costs. New Groups needed at Squares.
  • Radio station is a bore. I am in favor of letting the Charter School use the Villages facilities. I like the POA Bulletin but is it always the same ...

Part 3 Section 3

  • Fix and operate waterfall east of 441 near Main Street to Spanish Springs.
  • Residents who are going away. Why put garbage or branches at curb 3-4 days ahead of time. Villagers and anyone else if empty seats. Organized bus trips to Tampa Rays Game Seasons , More bus trips to Gainesville Sports Events, Villages bus trips to other Performing Arts Centers. Designated areas for residents to let dogs evacuates not on public areas. More Country and Rocks groups.
  • Need more yellow markers on curves on golf cart paths i.e. near Liberty Park gate. Need a separate theatre for musicals and plays with comfortable seating.
  • Town Sq music has really gotten bad. More bands, not Duo's, no more sound of Tyme.
  • Amenity fees are out of control as well as golf prices. Ken Krealey has got to go.
  • Orange Blossom and Silver Lake are neglected. The chairs at the Hilltop Pool are awful ! We pay the same bills as the other side. We want new chairs.
  • Thank you for creating this survey and keeping us aware of community concerns.
  • Oak Forrest Drive is a death trap. Speed limit should be 10 MPH. Too much parking on street. Non residents should be stopped if not on business. A Village employee parks Village Van on street.
  • POA Survey is terrific. Continue your great investigative initiatives and for all you print openly and honestly for residents. Residents greatly need to know.
  • Gates appear to be useless as far as security is concerned. More and more carts exceeding speed limit. Love to see Buffalo come back - took something away when they left.
  • The gates are totally useless when you compare them with Stone crest Retirement community. They should the gates be left open thereby reducing monthly maintenance costs. All they do is tie up traffic.

  • Taxes too high for school we didn't want or need (nor did we have a decision in it). Amenities going up service down. People in higher positions being old way too much without regard to resident's opinions.
  • Maybe the Villages isn't perfect but the very best community of its kind that I could find. We love it here.
  • Glad to see "Hospital" off the front page. This is not a good issue for POA, it's a no win. Conflict of Interest and such have excellent POA items. POA Bulletin should be primary news outlet for AAC
  • Thank you for gathering info from everyone on all these common concerns.
  • DUI enforcement would be nice. Do away with gates, public roads.
  • The Villages is a day care center for grandkids (too many) No need for this.
  • Courtesy on golf carts and the square has gone down hill. Need to stop so much traffic on Canal Street. Traffic on Morse Blvd turnabout a nightmare.
  • No-shows and late (same day) tee time cancellations should receive double points during prime season. Put this survey on line, Priority members should not have to pay extra $108 yearly on-line tee time system.
  • Included for the high cost of our amenities fees should be fitness centers and at least 2 indoor pools (one north and south of 466)
  • Radio station refuses to play Polkas and early country music. It almost all rock and roll. Need to produce a video showing drivers how to negotiate traffic circles. See video from Oregon
  • We need a margarita bar in Sumter Landings and also a Katie Belles.

Part 3 Section 4

  • We need better security. Gates open to one and all. Maintenance should not go up every year. With the economy the way it is a lot of us will have to move.
  • Tee times are so very limited in Jan, Feb.Mar. What can we do?
  • We do not trust the Morse family or administrators of The Villages. They seem not to care about residents. They are driven by greed.
  • I spent 10 days in The Villages regional Hospital recently. I was in the emergency room, intensive care, 5th floor and 4th floor. Many personnel-all first class and caring.
  • The builders have no carpenters or craftsmen. All they use is cheap labor-No quality –the worker laying your sod today is installing your plumbing tomorrow.
  • Operating a community of this size is an enormous job. All things considered The Villages does a tremendous job exceptionally well.
  • I don't think enough underdeveloped land has been left for the buffalo. The only problem I have with the Morse family is not their management its their greed.
  • Entertainment in town square is too much line dancing. Too Republican, needs neutrality. Should warn about "service sellers" and advise buyers of consumer protection groups.
  • Mulberry residents are the step children of The Villages. No place to go for a cup of coffee or breakfast. Now VA coming we need eateries.
  • Less control by the FAMILY'let them collect their money and give the committee to the Homeowners.
  • Need Perf Arts Center not another Katie Bells. Amenity fees going up to quickly. More oversight for fast drivers (both cars and carts). And discourtesy to others more security needed.
  • We need a clearing house to report little problems that can be assigned to staff for resolution.
  • We need a real performing theater. We need one excellent restaurant with white table cloths and well trained servers. Everything here is mediocre.

  • Speed limits unknown possible to go that slow. Recycle give us bins plus way to costly.
  • Need to pay bond in payments of $3,000 or more. No true disclosure by the Sales Department when buying your home. Not told the truth about the amenity fee.
  • Do away with the recycle idiot program. I have been recycling for twelve years and did not need The Villages help. I will continue as always.
  • The POA is excellent.
  • (Entertainment on Town Squares) Too many long breaks. (Safety) Safety emphasis in Sun News-joke. (Traffic) Constant roundabout infractions. (Roundabout Circles) Unknowledgeable drivers. (Community Watch) Individuals are unaware. Many safety prevention measures not in effect. Golf (CRS) management to lax. Trash in weeds-worn out grass next to paths.
  • There is definitely a need for the POA, acting as the Devil's advocate, but wish it would be done in a less negative way.
  • People that work for the Sun are not reporters. They don't investigate. Town Square entertainment needs much improvement.
  • We need another post office. A phone number to call for big holes in our roads. More info on where amenity funds are used.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to "do business" on "common grounds" or another resident's curbside/lawn. People take their dogs from their own property to postal stations to go to "poop."
  • The gates are a joke! This should be a true gated community or not (We are not-waste of time and money). Neighborhood Watch should be disbanded-salaries, cars, and gas could save a lot of money. I could go on for pages about golf carts but it would be in vain.

End of Part 3

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Part 4

Part 4 Section 1

  • Main roads very congested. Need better understand of rotary function, some gates go up w/o pass at none attended, Great golf but prices a little high, Great need for a better facility, i.e. concert half or theater-type seating. We miss the buffalo, Don't know them (Morse) but The Villages is an incredible place. Hats off to them.
  • I was a VHA Member- Had enough. Trash recycling is way too expensive the cost monthly plus cost of bags. I believe in recycling but not as an expense to the person donating the items. I recycle but at the CR42 Marion Co. site.
  • The POA has to get off of The Villages hospital who does an admiral job and get off of the siding issue. Don't always be so negative. There is a lot wrong here especially the Central District Board but the big picture is still pretty good.
  • My daughter (32 yrs) has Muscular Dystrophy and live with us. We use the Calumet pool but I feel there should be family pools as well. When my grandchildren come down she can't swim with them. Also dead azaleas should be replaced. Too many vacant spots. There's too many gaudy plastic and artificial flowers and colored lawn statutes.
  • We are seeing our amenity fee used too much for non recreational purposes. Glad to see the developer brought to task for outrageous prices on properties sold to residents.
  • Most championship golf courses are poorly maintained. This should be a fair and open bid for maintenance companies.
  • Can't believe a retirement place this large doesn't have a covered pool! We're old and can't take the sun-but love to swim.
  • Bond fee is out of control $45,000 way too much. Still don't understand after several peoples explanations of what bond does for us and who benefits from the cost. Is this developer?
  • The bond issue brought up in Orlando Sentinel is not responded to in local paper.
  • I am very concerned there are no plans for an indoor pool. It will certainly impact our decision as to relocating to The Villages.

  • We would award a 10 for reduction of traffic using Polo Ridge Gate as a cut through on Southern Trace, especially speeding of Golf Carts.
  • Best place to live, no other community compares. If not satisfied w/The Villages, move and do it soon. Negativity always contaminates; team work and positive approaches to work. Apparently POA has underlying quest for sensationalism and investigative reporting; better place for the organization is Chicago, Ill. You may feel fulfilled there.
  • Monica Andersen has a hard job to do; but she does it well and with compassion. I like her.
  • Love Rock and Roll shows at Savannah Center and Rocky and the Rollers. Prices are outrageous on properties the Owners are selling back to us. Why are these approved? It's a Licenses to steal. Rates on golf course are high for retired people. Help !
  • Golf cart paths north of 466 need to be improved. Now want parades back. Too difficult for seniors to travel around to different venues (i.e. Mardi Gra). Christmas parades at Polo Grounds are a joke. Parades could be done consecutively not concurrently. Participants could decide to be in 1,2 or eventually 3 parades.
  • Overall satisfied 90%, would like improvements 10%
  • I am virtually a new comer to the community and I am appalled at the FREE services to guests so home owners cannot get into the services. So MANY and for the long period of time.
  • A great place to live. Some Villages are definitely light on pools. Driving: new people are a problem: trash recycling would like a bin; guest passes for adjacent counties NO; Daily Sun Editorials are bad; TV station Need newer Music.
  • This is a great place to live. If we did not think so we would not be here. POA Newsletter should include positives as well as negatives.

Part 4 Section 2

  • POA does a great job
  • Recycle bins should be furnished. Traffic light desperately needed at San Marino and Morse. Roundabout from Morse to 27 is dangerous.
  • Area of Woodbury have never been replanted. It is a disgrace and also cul du sacs. I have made a plea but never any response.
  • Not enough parking around square for big events. They do not enforce covenants /restrictions. Can't believe they would close current indoor pool when I was a charter member. Pool was great and heavily used. If people have to park in store lots there should be jitney service. Otherwise park too close to Publix entrance so they don't have to walk.
  • Amenity charge – I think there should be a cap. Security-there is none. The attendant waves every car thru. Emergency Room-I was placed in a supply room, Recycling-The grocery stores up north pack your purchases in a blue plastic bag. The homeowner separates plastic cans, paper and places in the blue bags at street for pickup no charge.
  • Church on the Square need to be Villagers only. We are 70,000 + now and can fill it ourselves! We are tired of waiting in line behind outsiders for OUR facility.
  • Vehicles exiting traffic circles from left lane is a disaster waiting to happen. Are there any enforceable traffic laws on the streets within the gated communities??
  • Something has to be done very soon with the back-up traffic at the intersection of Morse Blvd. and Rio Ranchero. It is so frustrating to be waiting during 2-3 light changes. Also the US Postal Stations always have long lines.
  • Great maintenance here, lots of activities for all. Traffic a problem in winter, too many parades and silly celebrations on Squares, radio station great, TV worthless (Programs not listed with times). A fun place to retire.

  • We are new homeowners and the most obvious negative as we drive along Buena Vista is the lack of maintenance regarding Palm fronds.
  • Getting more involved. Love The Villages and have strong desire to maintain a high level of life style, safety and growth.
  • Should use our gate card to use community pool and rec centers. More radar should be used on Buena Vista and Morse by police. Resident card for our gates not just wait a few second and gate will go up. Put up signs (no door-to-door advertising). Who is the Developer that is putting up stuff just outside of The Villages, south side of 466A. 466 East dies where looks like could be a golf cart trail right to The Villages?
  • I have always owned a horse. I would love a riding establishment here in The Villages. I am a professional "show" horseback English rider. I would love to have a program here for people that value the same. Even just xrail riding would be wonderful for all ages. Town Squares: Need some entertainment for 50-55 age people, Some clubs or restaurants open late.
  • All things considered this place is well above average when compare to other locations.
  • Mr. Schwartz would be disgusted at his family greed. No pets at Squares. Teenagers un supervised. People in nearby counties should not be allowed passes. There are people running day care centers in their homes.
  • Our older home is well built, compared to newer ones. We don't feel safe in our community. No security at gates. Developer's greed is criminal.
  • Thanks for the great service you provide. Without POA there would be no protection from the greed of those in charge.
  • Keep up good work. Informative paper
  • Emergency room care fault of management. Need for more than one doctor on weekends.
  • I would like to see more security at the gates for visitors. If possible would like to see more lighting at night along golf cart trails, i.e. entering path going S on Morse @466.

Part 4 Section 3

  • Thanks for doing the service. You help to focus on resident concerns.
  • I like the POA because it is not the good news paper like the VHA and The Daily Sun
  • There is no better place to live. Golf cart accessibility is great. Streets poorly planned traffic on Morse horrible. No golf cart lanes on San Marino.
  • The Morses need to hire a top notch P.R. person and listen to him. They are not handling problems to their best interest or ours. Siding, Bonds, Cost of Production. I think Swartz is turning in his grave. They have forgotten that a problem is an opportunity.
  • Palm Trees are ugly when not trimmed.
  • Need for Radar to ticket regular Golf Carts traveling over 20mph. Need control of decision making in our community.
  • Can't see paying to recycle. There was recycling and it was free. Indoor pool - any fees should be paid by users not amenity fee. T-Time system pay lousy !
  • Need a real Auditorium/Theater for the Savannah productions
  • No one could find a better place to live. You can't satisfy everybody.
  • Gradually control is shifting to residents- not fast enough. Wouldn't live anywhere else. This is great life; however we are getting stiffed by the developer. Keep the good work up POA.
  • Drivers speed and do not obey signs. No use of turning signals. Why is the developer able to pump out the lakes on east side of Hwy. 441 to the west side?
  • Need more dance halls like Katie Bells and at least one more bowling alley.
  • Very pleased with "The Villages". However I am always concerned with conflict of interest.
  • Somehow get the Villages on local and state maps.
  • Dog problems. So many at the square and events. Dogs should be walked on their property not on other owner's lawns to do their business.

  • Amenity charge should be the same for everybody. Need some new entertainment. Everybody isn't 80. Savannah needs to be bigger and better mix of entertainment. Stop people from parking on Village streets overnight every night. More restaurants need to take reservations.
  • June 1, 2009, 23rd year resident and member of POA. Thank you.
  • The Villages is a super place to reside. It has its faults as every place does, however they are few. The most objectionable are forced recycling and the rudeness of NY City residents.
  • Fix the golf paths north of 466.
  • No park in the street overnight. Everyone's amenity fee should be the same. I have been here 5 mo. And I pay $147 and some people pay less and are here 15 years. We should all pay the same.
  • I wouldn't want to live anywhere else ever!!! Hope I can continue to afford it.
  • Bring Andersen back, I like her.
  • Gates are often stuck up or broken. People can have any number of hideous items on property as long as they are attached to the house. Never saw a traffic ticket issued; also never saw car drivers ticketed for speeds greater than 40.
  • Most people are clueless about recycling. We are paying for this service, let's use it. Even when "clear" bags are put out, most will put bags next to garbage bags, not separate, so recycling goes into garbage truck anyway.
  • A lot of people won't recycle until they give us plastic bins to use. They make money on the program, charge us for it and then want us to buy special bags.
  • Need for hot tub in new section and not just one at the south side. A pool open late till 11 pm in new areas south of Stillwater Trail especially from March till January when it is warm in the evening. There is Chula Vista as the only one on west side of 441.

Part 4 Section 4

  • (Amenity Authority Committee) I don't think they have enough authority over some issues. Their hands seem tied. The developer still holds too much power in some instances.
  • With our total population to rise by 30%, we need another clay tennis club south of Sumter Landing.
  • Need energy efficient at pools. Need solar use and blankets on pools! Need hot water at pools for people to wash before entering pool. Only cold water available-nobody washes before going in pool!
  • Golf cart paths (surfaces) are terrible along Buena Vista CCD 4. Why wasn't this addressed while the Developer was responsible?
  • Golf is too slow in the Villages-workers give lip service-make too many excuses. Five hour rounds are too common!
  • I was told no parks for walking because we have golf courses. I don't golf! I want a park with a non-paved walking path. Is that too much to ask?
  • Have only lived here 6 months so am still not completely aware of all the things that occur here.
  • It appears the POA highlights the 'not so good' and the VHA highlights the 'good'.
  • Have lived in two resident controlled developments. Hope it doesn't happen here in my lifetime. Complainers always run for office and screw up the communities.

  • Square entertainment has gone down a little and common area landscaping has slipped, but we love it here.
  • Great place to be nickled, dimed and dollared at everything.
  • I thank the POA for the information it brings to us. Thanks.
  • More instruction is needed on roundabouts use - in newspapers, etc.
  • Police should put more focus on ticketing and transit drivers and workers/delivery vehicles who drive fast and erratically through The Villages.
  • Why are most of the new movies placed at Spanish Springs. Theaters too small and any refurbishing has been destroyed again by outsiders. Most of the popular entertainment has been moved to Spanish Springs, also.
  • I think all roundabouts should have one lane to avoid crossovers.
  • Why not a Panera at Sumter Landing. How about it?
  • Need more minority entertainers.
  • Appears to be slanted towards republican ideas.
  • This is like the coal towns in WVA, Ky and VA in the 1920's to today but with more luxuries.
  • Close off inside lane on roundabouts.
  • Trash recycling program should be mandatory for all residents and businesses.
  • Put non-smoking signs in postal box areas.

End of Part 4

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Part 5

Part 5 Section 1

  • We most definitely need an indoor heated pool for the many arthritic home owners - like the one we are losing at the Wellness Center.
  • The buffalo should be back here as they are the mascots of the Villages and are important to many people of this community.
  • Spruce up toilets everywhere - executive courses need cleaning and painting.
  • Lanes for golf carts in Village Santiago have faded. The Savannah Center has many sidewalk damages.
  • Where is the money used - we have dirty mail stations.
  • Why can't The Villages have our own post office? The mailbox area should be painted and cleaned up. Bugs removed from lights.
  • Non-residents should not be waved through manned gates.
  • More handicap parking at square.
  • As far as the VHA is for the developer the POA is in its attack on the developer - both need a fairer presentation.
  • I marked my calendar for the next POA meeting and I will cut out and send in the membership form on page 15.
  • The entertainment in town square on New Year's eve should go until 1 A.M.
  • Having a private dance/restaurant facility at Lake Sumter is a most glaring VOID. There should be one of those at each square including the proposed new one.
  • Residents are being denied access to see the buffalo on the ignorance of a few people. What ever happened to the lawsuits?
  • Morse would get higher marks if he were more public. He acts like our godfather and does too much without public comment. Who made him God?
  • There should be NO guest passes allowed for people living in the adjacent counties - exception should only be relatives and they should have a 30 day limit.
  • This publication should write about good things. It should not continually write all bad stuff. I consider this Bulletin a "sour grapes" rag.

  • Only deliver on driveways that have newspapers.
  • Renters are bringing in 'guests' from outside areas - I.e. - Plantation, Spruce Creek, etc. who have residence outside of Florida (also renters) as guests and using our facilities - pools, rec. centers and golf courses making it difficult for 'owners' to get tee times and using rec centers (dancing, etc.)
  • The smell from the sewage plant off Bonita.
  • Over all everything is nice, except something should be done about the roundabout traffic. The system is lousy.
  • Bring back the buffalo. I never believed the story.
  • What's up with special assessments? Very bad deal - What are they for? We get one each year, while paying a monthly amenity fee also. Does everyone get special assessments?
  • On real estate tax bill there is a Villages community development maintenance fee (in my case $354.92 per year) under non-advalorem assessments. A lot of people don't even know they paid this. What is it for that amenity don't cover?
  • Overall we are very happy with everybody in The Villages.
  • Greens are not kept in good shape on most courses - both exec and championship.
  • Hardly anyone uses turn signals in traffic circles - very dangerous.
  • Savannah center entertainment is not that good.
  • We need a restaurant that serves breakfast on the North end of The Villages.
  • Would love to have golf cart tunnel connecting new shopping plaza.
  • Would love to see improvements on the golf cart paths on Buena Vista north of 466. Also on El Camino
  • Amenity fee too high and climbing.
  • What does community watch do? What do the gate keepers do? How much do those two programs cost?

Part 5 Section 2

  • A super place to live out our retirement years which makes most of us oblivious of the areas in which we are being taken advantage of.
  • Nothing in life is perfect but living in The Villages is as close to perfect as life can get.
  • The amenity fee is only good profit for the Morse family. No all people that living in The Villages are rich. We live off poor retirement money. The Villages lied to us when we first time to come here.
  • Gates are useless. Solicitors are in here all the time.
  • Traffic is so bad if we had anticipated this we would never had bought here. Our friends say the same thing.
  • The Villages are evidently over charging restaurants and other retail stores for rental and/or fees to operate here. This looks like pure greed.
  • Cart paths north of 466 are dangerous.
  • Why does the Morse family have to take such advantage of Villages merchants?
  • I received a ticket last year and had to go to court. In my case a warning and explanation would have been enough.
  • It seems unfair to have to pay for trash pickup when we aren't here.
  • The residents on Clemson Circle have complained to Monica Andersen about the bushes separating us from Royal Oaks. She says they are not bushes, but a barrier. Some house have them and others not. We understand that all bushes had to be kept to 4 feet or lower. Behind us they are between 10 and 15 feet high which blocks the sun and our grass is dying because of it. If this is a barrier, shouldn't all houses have them so it is uniform?
  • Road surface deteriorating at an alarming rate - especially Buena Vista and Morse Blvd. north of 466. Golf cart paths as well.
  • I am alone and I love The Villages.
  • As you can see from the numerical evaluation, I believe the developer has done an excellent job and trust him more than the adversarial approach and desire to paint the developer in a bad light of the POA

  • Great place to live, but needs a lot of common sense used when making decisions.
  • Recycling should have permanent containers for papers - aluminum cans - and glass. Forget the $3.00 bags.
  • We don't need community watch.
  • Mr. Harold Schwartz would roll over in his grave if he could see how the Morse family has taken his dream and turned it into greed, profit and scheming to the level that it has become.
  • Let the developer run The Villages.
  • People need to read and understand the information they are provided. (or have someone read it to them).
  • There probably is no better retirement village in FL. Things could be better but overall it's Great!
  • I would like to see the dogs removed from town squares at night.
  • Mandatory golf cart safety course.
  • Keep up the good work that the POA does, Thank You.
  • Why doesn't the POA include their financial report in each issue of the POA Bulletin?
  • We need radar to ticket golf carts speeding and not using turn signals.
  • Has it changed so that now you can live in The Villages under the age of 55?
  • We love The Villages, but hate to see the snowbirds come "home." They just don't know how to drive, especially at the circles and they're dangerous with their golf carts as well. Need a "driver's ed" program.
  • Your group has accomplished a few things, but I really resent the constant, negative comments toward developers/hospital, etc. and your needs to try to be in power!
  • You don't represent me and never will.
  • Keep up the good work. When we bought (villa) had 30 days for problems. We were overwhelmed by details of resettling - not enough time to pick out the substandard workmanship. The cheap materials that are used and appliances, etc. The Villages won't use medium quality in their homes.

Part 5 Section 3

  • We are very pleased the POA wants to shed light on many happenings. An indoor (or covered) heated pool (to 87 degrees for arthritic people) is so very important to us. Most important is sidewalks on the busy streets north of 466. Gary Morse and Sumter county could take some of their (or US stimulus dollars) for sidewalks on both sides of San Marino and Madero by invoking "eminent domain" to construct 18 inches of sidewalk.
  • The width of the cement overhangs of the sewer drains is a safety issue.
  • I am very bitter how developer allowed for all the growth and beautiful Buena Vista and Camino Real, 441 widened, 466 widened, Morse south of 466 widened and lovely Morse north of 466 left totally inadequate. This resulted in our properties to be devalued. Also, some of the trees are so big that the street light is blocked making intersections dark. Examples are along Rio Grande.
  • We need a new, updated performing arts center, not a refurbished Savannah center!!
  • The POA serves a good purpose as the group to identify issues that could be "swept under the rug" by the community management. But we are getting a negative image by "beating a dead horse." Give them a chance to address and fix things. Also, some items are appropriate for people to vote with our gut and just not use or purchase. Everything cannot be the responsibility of the developer or the CDD. We as citizens must still make decisions for ourselves.
  • Golf carts - kids driving - speeders.
  • Tee time terrible in one month refused 3 times.
  • We need a bowling alley south of 466 and an entertainment facility like Katie Belles' for residents south of 466.
  • Were our buffalos sacrificed for more houses???
  • I don't think our water and amenity should be on one bill.
  • I pay over $140.00 for amenities?

  • If we use reusable water, why is the bill so high?
  • Although the developer has given us a wonderful place to live, the POA is sorely needed to expose conflicts of interest, unfair practices, etc. THANK YOU.
  • Too much bashing of the community watch. Why don't you do what they do for their pay?
  • I think it would be nice for the developer to occasionally give status on new construction and plans for expansion (Brownwood and the sporadic building on O'Dell south near 466A).
  • The entertainment at the square has gotten bad or cheap.
  • I am not a member but I am coming to next meeting.
  • I am a relatively new part-time (6 months) resident and have yet to make up my mind about the POA. Will attend a few more POA meetings before making a decision, but I do not like the attitude of the Bulletin. The initial reading made me think the POA is a bunch of whiners.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Most serious problem - Sheriff Bill Farmer targeting the village residents. Sheriff Borders and Dean are doing a good job.
  • When my house was built (2005) my uncle lived here. He was here every other day with a camera. I believe my house got special attention. I have had no major problems like my neighbors.
  • Life in The Villages is 95% good. Some of the 5% bad - drivers not using turn signals, bad golfers using the back tees, Mallard Fillmore on the comic page.
  • Fees for golf should not be per household but per person. This is discrimination against a single person living alone in one home. I am totally shocked that this issue has not been addressed.
  • Priority golf system is totally unfair and should be abolished.
  • Are Villages finances independently audited?

Part 5 Section 4

  • Please note how the new Sam's has 'A', 'B', etc on all of their parking lanes. This needs to be done at Wal-Mart, Lowes, etc. and all large stores. I see people lost all the time.
  • Traffic, safety, security, respect for one another.
  • The POA is needed. Keep up the great work.
  • We need more control regarding golf carts - they can be very dangerous.
  • Keep up the good work. Cheers and Jeers very enjoyable.
  • We are seasonal due to family commitments. We are, however, Florida residents and have lived in The Villages since 1994; paying amenities, trash pickup and lawn service during all this time.
  • POA helps keep the developer on track - THANKS.
  • Each household should be allowed two permanent unnamed guest passes to be used by friends and relatives outside of The Villages for occasional use.
  • I love living in The Villages and would have encourage friends to move here. If you don't like it here, which seems is the case, please move and don't come back.
  • Who is getting the increased water fees the developer is charging and is it legal? Since we have no recourse to shop around, when will it end and will the amenities go down since the index did?
  • Serious need to control speeders in The Villages.
  • I enjoy this newspaper. As far as The Villages Regional Hospital, I would go to Ocala any day - rather than take another chance with my life at this hospital.
  • Your newsletter is a RAG. All you do each month is complain about the developer hospital, Daily Sun, and home cost. I love it here - maybe you should move to Stonecrest, etc.
  • I would like to have several enclosed pools in The Villages.
  • Buffalo could be put in double fenced pastures - 1 or 2 rather than none.

  • I would like to have closed gates. That is what we thought was here when we bought.
  • Overall the owners have to be complimented. For developing a super well planned community. I have concerns over Villagers involvement because politics enters the scene. Unfortunately, politics creates problems.
  • I'm proud and happy to be a Villager. No other community in the world offers what The Villages provides. Thank you.
  • If a group has a tee time for 8:59 on a course that does not open until 9 a.m. why can't they move everyone's tee time up 1 minute. Instead they tell us we've lost our tee time we've waited a week to get.
  • The Village is not able to handle all the new residents being brought in. Golf courses are way too crowded. Need more facilities or less people. Amenity fees are too high.
  • We should pay no fee for recycling. They make a fortune on it.
  • The POA should be ashamed of its all negative POA Bulletin.
  • Regarding the move of the wellness center - they could sure use more space. Did anyone ever stop to think what a mess this will cause for parking space. We are already having problems finding a place to park due to all the restaurants, businesses. It's a nightmare to find a parking space on market night and entertainment. Handicapped people and others will have to give up going to the square to make room for wellness members.
  • Plastic recycling bags going into landfill could be recycled but probably not clean enough so need bins to put curbside.
  • Security at gates is laughable. Push button to get in. Why even have gates? People cut the gate off shorter to get golf carts past and they keep spending money to replace them. Does neighborhood watch ever do anything positive regarding security or crime?
  • More grass seed should be put down in fairways when overseeding. Fairways should not be cut down so close year round. Why is this done???

End of Part 5

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Part 6

Part 6 Section 1

  • Recycling ticks me off here. It should be free and we should use plastic bins - not these clear bags.
  • Need lights and stop signs in cart tunnels.
  • Widen cart paths on north side.
  • Need a health club similar to Wellness center to accommodate the increased residents.
  • Some homes have four ID cards (1 name on deed). Others have 1 ID for 2 residents. Fair????
  • We love it here - with all its faults. No place is perfect, but thank you for all your efforts to keep us informed.
  • My daughter brought my husband and me here because of good weather and the security and The Villages. Now I'm not so sure. Amenities bill is too high and goes up every year.
  • Even though we can't participate in all you do, we thank you all for your hard work.
  • I would like more information disclosed on how our money is spent and how much we have to pay for things we buy from the developer. Who decides we have to be taxed on recycled things?
  • I recently had an occurrence in my home with all of the smoke alarms going off at the same time. One of the responders stated that my 'dis' book says use alkaline batteries. I can't find it. Our home was occupied 3 months. The batteries should have been good until daylight savings time.
  • Exec courses - traps need attention - hard as a rock and ambassadors need to move people.
  • Newspaper - need to be more responsible and report robberies, etc. Make people aware of surroundings.
  • The POA should leave a space for a phone contact on these forms so that people can be asked 'why' they voted a particular way. Some of the items are a bit vague and confusing.
  • I came here to golf. I believe priority is given to renters and potential sales clients for tee times for executive courses. This year I am getting rejected frequently. I need written explanation of tee systems.

  • Guest passes - too much information requested.
  • Daily Sun does not report anything negative.
  • More signage needed throughout The Villages, larger street signs and corners lit better.
  • Do dead fronds help protect tree?
  • They need to address those arrogant contractors who speed, drive aggressively and block streets with no regard for safety.
  • Ticketing golf carts is a joke.
  • The radio station has the best music. It has all types of music. But as you listen to the station you get the feeling that it is like in some foreign countries - state run
  • We need a large indoor gymnasium
  • You do a good job.
  • Roundabouts should be one lane.
  • No one is sure how to drive on the circles.
  • Entry by unmanned, button only gates should be discontinued - absolutely stupid.
  • Cart paths on north side of 466 need to be widened and repaired.
  • Full time residents should have priority over snowbirds/renters on golf courses.
  • The Saturday Mix is not a good thing. All Villages should be included in one paper. Now they are being segregated.
  • We moved to a retirement village and now live in a resort area. Too many non-residents allowed to come in.
  • Amenity fees should be the same for everyone. No difference for when you purchased home. We all use the same facilities so we should all pay the same.
  • The POA is unreasonable on their attacks on the Village Hospital. A majority of the time when they cite hospital-departments, the citing is for minor problems - such as teaching, etc., but is listed under cardiac. I don't think hospitals should respond to your queries as you are on a witch hunt.
  • Would appreciate an article on 'community watch'. All I see them doing is speeding through Villages or drinking coffee at the rec centers. I do not see or understand their mission.

Part 6 Section 2

  • The POA Newsletter is very negative as it seems to be unhappy with almost everything.
  • I think The Villages is a great community and the quality of life is top notch. The only negative is the library which is too small with too few books.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to express our views.
  • An all weather indoor pool is a necessity not a luxury.
  • Community watch should be going slowly up and down the streets - not going so fast. If I had to hail them it would be impossible.
  • We need a bowling alley in Sumter Landing.
  • If it weren't for your newspaper the developer would never have paid the [$43 million] legal settlement. The only way he ever pays is to take him to court and prove him wrong.
  • Roundabouts are dangerous but slow down traffic.
  • Home warranty department is arrogant and rude.
  • Spent almost $400,000 for home in October. Materials used are poor
  • Life style in The Villages is great.
  • We enjoy the POA Bulletin. It covers subjects we don't, but should know.
  • Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Recycling good but should not cost extra.
  • Amenities fine but go up too often.
  • We're in the 80-90 age group. We pay for a lot of things we cannot use. We are retired, not on an entertainment agenda for baby boomers. This is a retirement community???
  • Need to receive the TV station thru Direct TV or Dish.
  • For extra safety need lights in the tunnels.
  • Due to age of citizens urgent care facilities need to operate 24/7.
  • Too many 'ghosts' in the tee time system.

  • Thanks for being our voice. Great job. You've covered it all.
  • So much unanswered by our developer - Sad. We feel unloved, unwanted and abused.
  • Would love it if they could get rid of the golf carts on Morse Blvd. (north side) - Put in a golf cart path. Too many cars on that road and too dangerous.
  • I'm discouraged with the overcrowding of everything. This contributes to litter and lack of general cleanliness and beauty in The Villages.
  • Need ice rink and hockey team - ice shows, open ice skating; relays and concerts.
  • Leave decisions making in the hands of the professionals.
  • Need to aggressively control speeding golf carts - a heavy fines would get their attention - safety problems.
  • In general, most of The Villages are well attended to. Realize that the Morse family is a successful business operation, but they do not do some items that leave a doubtful picture in your mind at times.
  • I'm a snowbird and more or less go along with the flow. I do feel we are being ripped off by the greed of the developer in many cases and should have a better way to recover what they unjustly cover.
  • Need more regulations regarding who is able to operate a golf cart (e.g. legally blind drivers, 14 year olds without supervision, overloading carts, 20 mph governors, respect for cyclists on paths, etc.
  • Ticket speeders on Buena Vista, especially the outsiders.
  • Gate attendants should admit residents first, then guests.
  • There is a need for an indoor gym facility for basketball, volleyball etc. in The Villages.
  • Daily Sun newspaper's editorial page is too republican oriented. The bias is disgustingly obvious.
  • After 4 years, not likely a better place in USA to live. POA Please keep up your high concern. Thanks.

Part 6 Section 3

  • When are the smart folks going to put either a real live police man on Morse Blvd. that intersects with Chula Vista. NO TRAFFIC LIGHT.
  • Hacienda catering stinks. One server took a slotted spoon and carried to next table dripping red cabbage on floor. Good chance of someone falling and suing us. How can they run out of food a Christmas party when sold out in Oct.? Servers are inexperienced, untrained and have no class.
  • If Savannah center is owned by homeowners why don't we receive annual report showing breakdown on expenses and income?
  • Overall The Villages is a wonderful place to live. The only complaint is that it will become too populated and then people won't be so nice anymore.
  • List of questions too narrow - does not cover many of my concerns.
  • Had to wait almost 7 hours to get in the emergency room.
  • We should be provided with recycle bags for FREE.
  • Build a new Savannah Center.
  • Don't let the charter school use a pool built for residents of The Villages.
  • It is wrong to charge a trail fee in addition to rent of a championship golf cart.
  • It is useless and expensive to have gates to The Villages.
  • Want a Panera's on the south side of 466.
  • Your article on the conflict of interest on the utilities raised a valid point and should be resolved thru legal channels.
  • Why should amenity fees continue to increase as hundreds of new homes are sold increasing dollars in the fund?
  • Greed seems to becoming apparent in The Villages.
  • You do serve a good purpose BUT we feel you could be less negative in your reporting. Perhaps you feel that is your only purpose. We hope not.
  • Do we need 4 trash pickups a week?
  • Provide more signs and instructions on use of roundabouts - especially to renters.

  • More stop signs on Bichara Blvd. (or trim hedges back). Accidents waiting to happen.
  • Signs and directions on golf cart paths to cross 466 and 441. Better signage on all paths.
  • The Daily Sun newspaper is absolutely the most 'one-sided' - poor reporting paper in existence, as far as the special articles (Ann Coulter) and - editorials.
  • I love The Villages. Have come and rented for 4 years and will probably buy soon.
  • Need another Savannah style center and wellness center at 466A area - bowling alley can go there - also country clubs should have pool area snack bars like orange blossom and Nancy Lopez.
  • Need better movies at both theaters. They censor so many new movies. We go to Ocala to see them.
  • Overall The Villages is a beautiful, wonderful place to be. We're lucky to have the POA and VHA to keep a watch on things. It is a business and some profit is expected by the Morses, but thanks to them we have The Villages.
  • No gates are needed. They cause traffic danger. Neighborhood watch is a big joke.
  • Great work Joe Gorman and staff.
  • Recycle is a joke.
  • Bring back the buffalo.
  • We absolutely need an indoor pool as part of our amenities in the skin cancer capital of the USA. I requested same and was told it is too costly. My response was - A fortune is spent on beautiful golf courses and grounds and they cannot afford a few indoor pools for those of us allergic to the sun! ABSURD!!!!
  • Tierra del Sol is a disgrace - rooms too small - no indoor facilities - no indoor water. Shade structure never used - we need indoor facilities. TDS is not handicap accessible - bathroom outside, water outside, no hot water - in summer waiting line for bathroom totally unacceptable. Nothing south of 466 is taken care of - they only think about north of 466.

Part 6 Section 4

  • You folks are much too negative for us and from reading your comments, it appears you know little about the real challenges of making it all work. You oversimplify everything. Resources are limited, not just here, but everywhere. You just can't do everything. We would not consider joining your organization.
  • There are not enough executive golf courses.
  • Recycling should be a co-op program.
  • Championship courses are too expensive.
  • Security gate access needs to be improved.
  • The lifelong learning center is too expensive.
  • Traffic safety during peak 'very poor'. There is no enforcement of speed limits. Out of state cars seem to be biggest violators along with outside service people.
  • On the whole - great lifestyle and amenities and entertainment here in TV. However, always room for improvements. An indoor, all weather tennis court sport facility would be appreciated.
  • Too much traffic on Morse Blvd - too congested in squares - need no outlet signs on cul de sac roads.
  • Golf, other amenities jammed with non-residents.
  • Every year I wish you would ask a University professor to help you construct a valid, reliable survey.
  • Unfairness by community watch - allowing a resident on Clio Lane the outrageous, distasteful front of house décor - and fining neighbors who have in good taste décor.
  • Would like new paper - Give out more from A.P and U.O. - also sports other than softball, Village school, horse racing, etc.
  • Life for us year round residents surely changes when we become bombarded by snowbirds, program guests and renters during the winter months. Access to popular amenities is severely restricted.
  • The roundabout circles are ridiculous, they are not large enough to change lanes to exit. No where is it legal to turn in front of another to turn right.

  • The amount of amenity fee collected is an atrocity without an accounting of how it is spent.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Residents not cleaning up after their dogs.
  • POA - We don't go to your meetings but greatly appreciate your efforts.
  • Facilities should be for Village residents only - this includes golf courses - bocce courts, pools, etc. - NO charter school children - We already have more than enough residents using facilities.
  • We need streets sweepers going around all Villages at least once a month, if not twice a month.
  • I believe there should be a cap on our amenity fees - our pensions don't go up.
  • Something has to be done about the cart paths on El Camino and Buena Vista. They are a serious accident waiting to happen, an accident I fear will be fatal. Talk about a lawsuit!!! I can just hear a lawyer describing the difference between north and south of 466.
  • Safety and volume of traffic on Oak Forest is non-existent (safety) and unbelievable (traffic). Every effort by residents to get appropriate controls has been of no use (20 feet wide - no cart paths - 25 mph).
  • POA newspaper should expand.
  • Glad to see this type of questionnaire.
  • Create electric stations to recharge electric golf carts. Must provide plugs for the club and par car - Minimum cost/charge $1 - $1.50 per charge.
  • When Freedom Pointe opens, guest pass policy should be altered in relation to fitness of resident.

End of Part 6