Message from the POA Membership Director

NOTE: The New Membership Director is preparing his message, until we have the updated version, please continue reading...

The POA will continue to speak out for residents' rights as we have in the past. The POA has no special interest or hidden agendas. The only interest the POA has is to protect, preserve and improve the rights of all residents. In my opinion, the POA is a needed check and balance to ensure that the developer and governments decisions are always in the best interest of the residents. The POA is a watchdog and a deterrent to any decisions that are not in the best interest for you, the resident. The POA will continue informing and educating residents on issues that have an impact on their quality of life and their public safety.

The POA has many accomplishments, just to mention a few: a Class Action Law Suit for $43M- Securing funds for amenity services, amenity facilities and reserves for VCCDD owned and operated amenity properties; Establishment of a resident elected Amenity Authority Committee to control the use of non-bond required amenity funds for residents north of CR 466; Researched, publicized and were successful in getting Home Warranty to pay for Vinyl Siding installation failures, and Copper Tubing Air Conditioning line set failures primarily found South of CR 466. The POA will continue researching and publicizing the IRS investigation and issues regarding the use of the Project Wide Agreement for CDDs south of CR 466.

Every third Tuesday of the month the POA has a general meeting where you, the resident, can participate in a question and answer session that allows you to ask questions and voice any concerns that you might have. The POA publishes and distributes a monthly news bulletin to approximately 45,000 households every month at no cost to the residents.

Membership entitles you to participate in our discount partners program. There are over 50 different services and businesses. This is a great way to save money. By being an active member, you will also qualify to receive our monthly email "Alert" which keeps you instantly updated on issues which concern The Villages.

Your membership and contributions are vital to our existence. It is our members that keep our organization strong. There is strength in numbers; the larger our membership the more credibility and strength the POA has.

The POA will continue to inform, educate and protect the rights of the residence. We cannot exist without your support.

Get involved; SUPPORT YOUR POA IN 2018!!!
Bill Schikora
POA ACTING Membership Director